Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Studio Marcus Hay/ The Studio

Left: Portrait of Founder Marcus Hay, Right: A project in the planning, Photography: Jonny Valiant

A view of work table and meeting area at SMH, Photography: Jonny Valiant

Assistant's station and detail, Photography: Jonny Valiant

The Bar, Photography: Jonny Valiant

View of Marcus's Office, Photography: Jonny Valiant

Photography: Jonny Valiant

As many of you who follow me know, I feel very lucky to have a space I can work from in Manhattan, NYC, Studio Marcus Hay, Inc is a workspace located in London Terrace in Chelsea, A large 1929 building with a long history and well known in the area of Chelsea and Manhattan, New York. It is located on the Commercial floor of the building and is a compact space with 2 rooms and a bathroom. It is on street level so I have a lovely little garden outside the window and many passers by even if it is on a quiet block for Manhattan.    

Soon I will be celebrating my first year in the space and to make the occasion, I shot these images with the wonderful Jonny Valiant.

The space is always a hub of activity and can be filled to the brim with myself and Assistants as we plan and produce many projects for clients such as Design With Reach, JC Penney, Martha Stewart, West Elm, Williams Sonoma, a range of Editorial and Private clients. 

You can also see these photo's and an interview on Tara Hurst's website and blog/ journal. Tara is a super talented Art Director/ Graphic Designer from Canada who is based on the West Coast. She works on web, print and textile design. Like me she wears many caps and is also a Gallery Director and Curator of exhibitions. Check out her great site where she also shares interviews and profiles on other people in the industry whom she admires, I was very honored to be asked, Thanks Tara! 

Hope you all enjoy a glimpse into my working life and space. 


  1. It must be a pleasure to work in this beautiful space! If you have a moment, I'm curious of the combination of paint colours you have selected. Looks like there is blue, white, grey and black? Clever!

  2. Well spotted Lauren, Thanks for the compliments, I used Chalkboard paint on one wall, The rest is blue and various shades of gray. Marcus.