Friday, March 8, 2013

Taking a Break/ Hudson, NY

Left: At Culture + Commerce Project, Warren Street, Hudson, Window featuring hand turned stools by Grain Woodworking (Made in Hudson)
Right: Great felt trivets made by Lamacek (Made in Hudson & NYC)

At Culture + Commerce Project, Warren Street, Hudson, Joshua Howe Multi Top tray, Sherry Jo also carries great examples of his lights and furniture

Left: At Culture + Commerce Project, Warren Street, Hudson, Glass vases by Michael Anchin
Right: Detail of door on the main street

Left: Detail of Shop door on Warren Street, Right: Detail of old tags on display

Left: My Andrew Molleur pieces at home mixed in with a Royal Copenhagen piece
Right: Doorway on Warren Street

Left: At Culture + Commerce Project, Warren Street, Hudson, Ceramic Artist by Christina Painter
Right: Detail of Store Front on Warren Street

Left: Detail of fireplace at The Inn at Hudson, In our White Room
Right: Details of product available at Culture + Commerce Project

Details of The Inn at Hudson

Left: Dining Room at The Inn at Hudson, Right: Detail of piece available at Regan & Smith

Details of pieces available at Regan & Smith

Left: Yours truly at the Riverside, Right: Marlin at Bookstore

Left: Detail of Dining Room at The Inn at Hudson, Right: Riverside

Last week while attempting to have the week off, not easy during crazy tax time, I made the trip to one of my favorite towns in Upstate NY, Hudson. To be honest I have not been up for quite a long time and while the town itself has not changed dramatically since my last trip in 2008, there are still some interesting new stores and developments in town and you always get a whiff that something very creative and inspiring is on the boil. People in town are chatty and friendly; it certainly makes a change from the gritty city.  

Big news is that Performance Artist Marina Abramovic is opening her Performance Art Institute In Hudson in a building she purchased in 2007 in a disused Theater built in 1929. Its official name is The Marina Abramovic Institute for the Preservation of Performance Art, She will debut her first performance in the space in 2014. It will be designed by Shohei Shigematsu and Rem Koolhaas of the firm OMA. You can read more about the project at The New York Times website.

With this emerging project, Hudson is sure to receive focus. The project was actually drawn to my attention by Hudson resident Sherry Jo Williams, An ex city dweller who owns an exciting store in town called Culture + Commerce Project. In the store Sherry Jo, who has and impressive background in the Design Industry in Manhattan is nurturing and representing many young Designers and Craftspeople who live in the vicinity of Hudson. I loved in particular the work of Porcelain Artist Andrew Molleur, who’s work I bought a number of pieces for my collection. Pop in to see the store, It’s very impressive what Sherry is doing and she is super enthusiastic about her artists and the work she features.

Hudson has some great Architecture, We stayed at The Inn at Hudson, Designed in 1903 by Marcus Reynolds, We were hosted by our wonderful hosts Monica and Bob who were minding the inn for it’s owners Dini and Windle. The Inn is a fine example of some of the great old buildings in the town. As you can see I love shooting all the details in Hudson. One other store, which I adore in Hudson, is Regan & Smith. There are so many stores to explore!

I recommend anyone who needs to be re inspired or needs a break for a couple of nights to head into town, Be sure also to visit The Helsinki Club in Hudson to catch some great live music, The venue is great, Be sure to get early to get a seat, We had to stand which can be a bit sore on the ol legs!

Check out Culture + Commerce on Facebook too

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