Monday, November 19, 2012

HGTV Magazine/ Wild for Pink!

Piece on page to the left, Photography: Jonny Valiant

This month in HGTV Magazine, A small piece was featured on our work at Studio Marcus Hay on my Interior project with Kess Agency. I have been receiving a lot of positive feed back on my bedroom scheme in particular, It appears my client Kim is not the only one who loves pink! 

They featured a quote from me that says: "You can have a pink bedroom as an adult as long as it's more boudoir-y than Barbie. Choose a dusty shade, and give the color some breathing space by leaving a wall or two white" 

Here are some of the other blogs that have featured the room and the rest of the space in some capacity: 

Parlour Home, Mimi & Meg, West Elm/ Front & Main,  Charlotte Minty,  Meg Biram, and Brown William Art & Design

Thanks so much to all for taking the time to feature and be so enthusiastic about the scheme, I hope it inspires to lash out and embrace colors that resonate with you and have fun with using them in your interior schemes. Go for it!     

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