Saturday, May 26, 2012

ICFF Report/ 2012

Outdoor Tables, Photography: Marcus Hay
Outdoor Furniture by Fermob, Photography: Marcus Hay

Memoro Display Modules by PeteKL, Part of the Pratt Institute Design Students exhibit with Herman Miller
Photography: Marcus Hay

Wallpaper inspired by all the Queens of the World, Photography: Marcus Hay

New Broom Chairs by Philippe Stark for Emeco, Largely made from recycled materials, Photography: Marcus Hay 
Left: Springy Stools, Left: Arne Jacobsen chairs used for the talks to sit the audience, Photography: Marcus Hay
Left: Birdhouses by Council, Right: AreaWare, Photography: Marcus Hay
Paper Music for a blue room, by Molo, Photography: Marcus Hay
Paper Music for a blue room, by Molo, Photography: Marcus Hay
Left: Tesoro Bamboo Silk rug by Ingo Elizalde, Similar Wall Treatment, Photography: Marcus Hay
Left: Wooden silhouettes, Right: Japanese inspired figurines by MC&Co, Photography: Marcus Hay
Left: Jonathan Adler outdoor planters, Right:Metal and wooden chair, Photography: Marcus Hay
Left: Pillows by Blu Dot, Left: Scamp Tables by Blu Dot, Photography: Marcus Hay
Left: Table linens by Season One, Finland, Scrapwood Wallpaper by Dutch Designer Piet Hein Eek
Photography: Marcus Hay
Left: An interesting wall treatment, Right: Softy Stones by Kaisa Sipovaara, From The University of Lapland, Finland
Photography by Marcus Hay
New Norwegian Design:Plain And Simple at InsideNorway These were cute cards given out at the stand

Last weekend I trotted off once again to ICFF, It’s really just a few blocks for me to The Javitz Center where it is held each year so really if I am in town I have no excuse not to go! Last year I was away on a job in Chicago and sadly missed it but this year I am glad to say I got to enjoy it once again, It’s a magical experience, seeing so much energy & Idea’s in one enormous room…It’s breathtakingly overwhelming.

I really enjoyed seeing in still slightly economically depressed times a light heart and spirit, It’s almost like this year, a child’s heart was at play…there was COLOR everywhere! It was joyous to see!

There were many highlights for me, One was Molo from Canada’s exhibit, they always please every year! It was an oasis away from the bustle of the fair was the indigo colored paper tower that from any vantage point stood out like The Empire State building in the sea of other exhibitors. The exhibit was entitled “Paper music for a blue room”. Experimental sound components were integrated into a 12′ tall room constructed from indigo blue soft blocks, turning the paper blocks themselves into speakers. A piece of music composed by sound artist Ethan Rose especially for the installation resonated within the room resulting in a highly sensory experience. Many people stayed for longer than expected as it was so surprisingly inviting and chilled.  

One standout student design for me being a lover of collectables was the Modular Memoro blocks allow for countless configurations of tablescapes which create a stage for the stories of the objects you collect and treasure by Peter KL for The Pratt Institutes collaboration with Herman Miller. 

There was also a great deal of presence of Finnish Design since Helsinki was chosen to be the World Design Capital for 2012 by the International Council Of Societies of Industrial Design, Many Students and start up companies from Finland were there and I really loved the freshness and spirit of design represented. 

Print seemed to represented largely by Tribal, almost Aztec Designs, Ingo Elizalde was doing some amazing rugs from his studio in Manhattan inspired by his native Philippines.  

I took in so much that day, I am still reeling from the visual overload, I apologize if I don't have references for everything, Some items were hard to identify after the fact, but hopefully this gives you a snippet of what I saw thru my eyes and boy was there a lot to see! 

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