Saturday, May 12, 2012

Brimfield 2/ The Finds

Both pics: 1950's Tulip coffee table with Walnut top, by Eero Saarinen. Photography: Marcus Hay
Selection of wooden bowls, Spoons and Trivet, Most Danish. Photography: Marcus Hay
Left: A selection of bowls, Back: Catherineholm Lotus bowl, Middle: Arabia Finland bowl by HLA, Front: Arabia Pot (with lid, not shown) Danish spoon. Left: Unknown horse print, 1950's Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: A tile, It looks like Fornasetti but is not marked, Right: Nymolle, Made in Denmark small cups
Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: A Brutalist sculpture of bell shaped flowers, Right: Turi Design, Folklore Cheese Board, Norway
Photography:Marcus Hay  

Left: An Arabia Finland serving bowl, Right: A Dansk candle holder
Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: A candle holder, Made in Denmark, Right: A Victorian hat holder in wire
Photography: Marcus Hay

So, as soon as I posted the below post on Brimfield, I was asked if I could show the things I bought, so folks, Here they are! This is a handful of the things I bought, I did already put into inventory some items which live in prop room in another space, but these are the ones i have at home on hand, Hope you enjoy them as much as I am.


  1. Well done, Marcus!! Love the Arabia Finland bowl...I have not seen that one before. And love the Victoria wire hat stand! Thanks for sharing. I want to see what Jeanne got too! xo

  2. Thanks Michele! I am sure you have done Brimfield quite a few times! I needed a lie down after a few days there! : ) Jeanne did well too XX