Monday, January 9, 2012

Good Housekeeping/ Dark Victory

Photography: Con Poulos
Photography: Con Poulos
Photography: Con Poulos
I have a childhood friend who was allergic to chocolate, I always felt so bad for her, Imagine a life without it? Easter time would come around and we would watch with chocolate smeared faces as she would have to eat the half eaten carrots left out for Easter Bunny! 

When I was asked to do this Chocolate Story for Good Housekeeping I had visions of some fantastic world coming to life like Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and when I turned up at the studio I was not disappointed, It was like a bunch of Oomp loompas in the kitchen, working on endless chocolate creation after creation, It would be mean to say they looked like them because they didn't but Food Stylist extraordinaire Stephana Bottom  had prepared herself with a team of talented assistants to help her farm out the chocolate menu which included chocolate cream pie, brownies, truffles, pave, tart and whoopee pies to mention just a few.

The color palette for the story was rich like the menu with guess what chocolate brown mixed with tan, purple, pink and orange, It was nice to work on such a deep palette after months of doing red white and blue beer heavy BBQ stories, It;s not often when you get to work on a whole story on desert. Needless to say I picked a bad time to start dieting,  I only had a slither of each, I promise! 

The story was shot by the amazing fellow Australian Photographer Con Poulos  

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  1. Ohhhhh my. Sadly not for now. My waistline exploded (i'm told i'm exaggerating) after the holidays, so I'll have to wait for my birthday in May !!!! Thanks for the tease :-)