Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pottery Barn/ Holidays, 2011

2011 Cover
Photography: Brad Knipstein

Photography: Brad Knipstein

Photography: Brad Knipstein

Photography: Brad Knipstein

Back In July I spent and week and a half in San Francisco for Pottery Barn. We were of course shooting Holidays which is a regular thing to do in July in the world of catalogs, However this was my last Holiday themed job for the year and a big one to end with. 

Of course as we all trim and wrap and prepare for the big day later next month, It is the perfect time to share with you! The Holidays are truly upon us so all this work in advance I have done on Holiday themed shoots this year seems to seem real now.  

What some might not know is that The Pottery Barn was co-founded in 1949 by Paul Secon, a music Editor and musician and his brother Morris. They have over 200 stores and a direct mail business that distributes a staggering amount of over 100 million catalogs a year. Pottery Barn is quintessentially American and it is great for me having grown up abroad to gain an understanding of the vastness and influence that Pottery Barn have on decorating in The USA and beyond, It is a huge product with over 60 years influence on the shelter market. 

These images even though shot in a studio look remarkably like a location which is the magic that the team strive to create. We had some quite large set ups including the 4 beds in a indoor porch situation that took many hours to perfect and create. With Pottery Barn, It is all in the detail, As a Stylist you need to consider every element, The exact way a curtain fold hangs, The ribbon on tiny presents in stuffed stockings, anything that can help give a narrative to the shot.  

These images were shot by the very talented Brad Knipstein,

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  1. Thanks Marcus! It was a pleasure working with you back in July! I'm very happy with all the images especially the quilt extravaganza (4 beds). I know it was well received back at PB headquarters. Hope to work with you again soon!