Saturday, October 30, 2010

Apartment Feature/ AD Russia, HK Home Journal

It’s amazing where some stories end up that I style for shoots. This time my old apartment ended up in AD Russia and also in Home Journal, a Hong Kong based magazine. It’s quite a compliment that the way I live at home appeals to lot’s of different cultures/ countries around the world. It’s also interesting to see the different approaches to the layout and what pictures get used in one layout compared to the next. In the HK Home Journal, my dining space even appeared on their cover for that month!

For me it’s a little strange, I have not lived in that apartment for 18 months, so to see it is a little trip down memory lane. Of course I still have a lot of the same things but then I notice my taste or my combination of objects has shifted a little since then and a lot of these items featured in this story are now in my prop storage. When I moved into my new space, I tried to divide my workspace and home space as much as I could and because my new space is smaller, I had to edit. When you are a Stylist there is always new stuff so life seems to be about a constant edit!

These stories were shot by the amazing Jonny Valiant,


  1. Well, Marcus... CONGRATS!... again!!!

    I think your sense of style translates because there is such a genuine sense of personal style. It's looks like a fun, vibrant, well designed space that is uniquely "you". It's great!

  2. Thanks Uncle Beefy, I really appreciate your positive comments! Look forward to reading more of your blog which is great too btw!! Best, Marcus.