Thursday, February 11, 2010

New York International Gift Fair

One of the duties of being a Stylist is to attend as many trade shows as you can fit in, Of course you have to be selective!, There are many you can attend, Internationally and locally. The NYIGF in New York City occurs twice a year. Held in January and August in New York City at the Javitz Center, The Fair claims to “showcase the very best lines across the home, lifestyle and gift spectrum”. The show is a great resource to see what’s new and what’s happening amongst suppliers. For me it’s an opportunity to reconnect, meet and show (or feign) interest in as many new potential suppliers as possible, but also show your regular suppliers you are still interested in what they have to offer in the marketplace and thus can end up on the pages of magazines and blogs.

The configuration of the show can be similar each time, For instance Jonathan Adler will always be in the same place so it’s easy to navigate, Speaking of which for me this booth is always a highlight, With Jonathan there is always something new, This years booth reminded me or Alexander Girard on steroids. Chilewich,, who do great woven vinyl mats have some really sophisticated takes on place mats and runners, there booth was very simply styled but had impact. Bob’s Your Uncle,, from Boston, A husband and wife team had some great new melamine plates that have a nautical theme, always a favorite of mine, I love the one with the whale. LBK Studio, whose founder Laura Kramer does amazing products with glass, I loved the glass capsules that had tiny still life miniatures inside each one. Another favorite is always Areaware,, A New York based manufacturer renowned for unique design products with an emphasis on forward thinking technologies and original expression, There “Fauna Pillows” are not exactly new but they do have some new designs including a panda who I fell in love with, who wouldn't?

The show is extremely tiring, chatting, absorbing, carrying bags of heavy literature, It’s not for the faint hearted! Aisle after aisle there is another 20 suppliers to chat to, Sometime’s it feels like it’s never going to end! To be honest I can never get through the whole thing, to do so would mean dedicating at least 2/3 days, a day is enough for me!

Regardless of it’s exhausting nature, I never regret attending, So many suppliers really pull out of their design hats the greatest, some booths feeling like you have entered a whole new mini world, For me it’s like shopping in a very big supermarket filled to the brim with more things to own, admire and inspire!

I have not mentioned everybody in these pictures, I will continue to elaborate on specific products, themes and trends in future posts, for now enjoy a small but tasty morsel.

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