Monday, December 7, 2009

Restaurant Interiors/ Montreal

So you have to bear with me while I still wax lyrical about Montreal, I felt there is so much to mention that it requires a few posts, so before I launch off to my next destination, for while let me indulge in the aftermath of my much needed vacation. I have to say I was very impressed by the food and decor of restaurants in Montreal. Being a Stylist I am always looking at interiors and schemes, I really liked the relaxed but stylish approach to many of the places we ate, they felt almost considered but in a under designed way, unpretentious but not without flair. Here are a few of my fave places to eat (and drink):

Pullman,, 3424 Avenue du Parc, Montreal, QC, Canada, (514) 288 7779
Tired of sitting in a hotel foyer because the hotel bar was closed for a function for the 2nd night in a row, we decided to try a hotel staff's recommendation of a bar called Pullman, not far from Sherbrooke where we were staying, we were not disappointed. The space takes its inspiration from the opulent sleeper cars that were produced by namesake George Pullman in the mid-1800s - his noble portrait adorns one wall as you walk in. The first thing to hit you before you sit down is a clever chandelier made from a series of wine and cocktail glasses, In any other setting it may look a but D.I.Y, but it really suits the mood and feeling of the place which feels uber sophisticated but warm and inviting at the same time. I loved the distressed walls mixed with clean mint colored walls, The color mint actually featured in a lot of restaurant interiors, It reminded me of cool ice cream, my favorite! The cocktails were great but even better the cheese plate, the charcuteries plate and the half oysters in the shell with condiments was just what we needed before a late dinner.

Joe Beef,, 2491 Notre-Dame West, Montreal, QC, Canada, (514) 935-6504
This is a very small restaurant with only 28 seats and they jam you in, but don't let it deter you, the food is fantastic! We had a great waiter whose recommendations we took even if the most expensive on the menu, funny that but after the first bite, I did not care, I had the halibut which has never tasted better. The interior is interesting, You can't go wrong with a classic blackboard menu wall which takes up nearly half of the space, I like the inn like feel with lots of references to the wild in the shape of carved bears and a huge bison's head in the men's washroom, I really like the collection of small frames that sit on the opposite wall above burgundy leather booths. Apparently the restaurants name is a homage to Charles "Joe-Beef" McKiernan, 19th century innkeeper and Montreal working class hero.

Marché 27, 27 Prince Arthur O at Clark (1 block west of St. Laurent), (514) 287 2725
Only opened recently apparently, Marché 27 is on the corner with big windows and as a result lots of light. Again chalkboard menus line the walls, You almost feel like you are sitting in a butcher ship with all the tiling and glass display cabinets, I really like what looked like custom made mint high gloss free standing shelves that contained product for sale. The tartare bar is the best thing on the menu, you can order a number of different types of meats, the Italian red tuna is delicious, They also offer smoked salmon, red tuna, beef, duck or horse tartare (not sure I would go for that one?) I really like the surprise of the washroom which had in contrast to the stark interior, a big almost English cabbage rose wallpaper on the wall.

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