Sunday, November 8, 2009

Market Find/ Catherineholm

Most stylists and serious collectors are aware of Catherineholm, A Norwegian company that is probably best known in the U.S for the series of enamel pots, bowls and other kitchenware produced first in the 1950’s, many of the most famous designed by Grete Prytz Kittelsen . The most well known being the “lotus design” which is probably the most collected although first rejected by Grete who apparently disliked the pattern. Grete’s designs have bought her numerous awards, she is considered one of Scandinavia’s leading designers, and she is 92 years old today.

Her designs I find are truly inspirational, I love using them within my styling schemes (see picture with floral chair from Real Simple). So for me when I found another bowl today at the flea markets, I was delighted and I have added it to my growing collection. I have to admit I do find Grete’s other rarer designs for Catherineholm less predictable, particularly the irregular striped pattern and squares within a circle design, which are harder to find.

Tip: There are many copies out there and it is hard to know if they are genuine at times as they are not always marked on the bottom, Japanese companies copied and reproduced many of the designs with inferior quality, so that is something to look out for.

Check out and for more inspiring images, some of which this article came from.

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