Sunday, November 15, 2009

Anna Williams

I stumbled across Anna Williams website the other day,, maybe I was feeling sentimental but I have not seen her for ages and wanted to see what she had been up to, My other friend Anna (coincidently) had told me she has been doing some amazing work and I have to agree.

Anna Williams and I used to work together on many projects for Real Simple and it was always a pleasure. Maybe it’s the “Southern” thing, but as I hail from one of the most “Southern” places there is, Australia, somehow I always seem to click with that similar energy we seem to share, us southerners! : ) Anna is super talented but so calm and down to earth, It’s a great combo. Of course like me she has been living in NYC for many years and I believe gave birth recently to her second child, a boy! Congrats!

Anna has been shooting commercially for over 10 years for clients such as Martha Stewart Living, Real Simple, O Magazine, Food & Wine, Beringer, Wal-Mart, Target, Fisher Price, Kmart and Williams Sonoma. She has also been recognized by PDN's 30 under 30 for her outstanding work in food and lifestyle photography.

Here are some examples of work that Anna and I have worked together on, hopefully again soon!


  1. I remember that shoot, too! It was 30 days of dinner or, blast from the past. Love your blog! I saw it pop up in facebook and clicked to check it out. Beautiful!

  2. Thanks Sarah. I know I remember you assisted me on that shoot, I think it was my first one at RS, so long ago now! : ))