Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Photography Test

On this very rainy day in NYC, Photographer Kate Mathis, check out, and I decided to get together and combine our creative spirits on a Photography Test, We had a window of time free from commercial endeavors to jump on it so we decided to use it effectively to create something that would speak to us on a more moodier and darker side, so the weather was quite fitting, using metal elements, We decided on a decorating feature that would have pops of neon pink, I was actually inspired by a beautiful Thai flatware/ cutlery set that Kate brought along to the shoot that she found on e-bay, It was very streamlined and gold and sat in a radiating neon pink velvet lined wooden box, These color combination inspired the rest of the shoot, We used all metals, gold’s, silver’s and bronze’s with flashes of pink in flowers, ribbons and string, I wanted to give it a slightly industrial, lofty feel , so we wove in the studios black floorboards and existing walls, but also painted a wall in this great color called “Evening Dove” by Benjamin Moore, A deep grey with a hint of blue, Thanks to Mike and the guys at Versatile Studios, for allowing us to shoot there, Kate and I are both with the same agent, we hope to have some of the results online soon.

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