Sunday, December 22, 2013

Studio Marcus Hay Pinterest Boards/ Sherbet Tones

Left: Imogen Heath Wallpaper Right: Muuto Design

Left: Still Life from a favorite blog Little Helsinki Blogspot, Right: Clemintines Tulips Tumblr

Left: Image from Kinfolk Magazine by Danish Photographer Anya Adores
Right: Pastel Interior, Styling by Dutch Marianne Luning, Photography: Tjitske van Leeuwen 

Left: El B Auditorium and Performing Arts Center, Cartagena, Spain by Architectural Firm Selgascano
Photography: Iwan Baan
Right: Ceramic Glaze swatches by Studio Elke van den Berg 

Left: Backwards Barbie by Artist Esther Stewart , Right: Image by Photographer Jonas Vonder Hude

Left: Painting by Michael Manning, Right: Sara Morris, Unknown Origin 

Left: Image on behalf of Bodie and Fou, Photography: Francois Kong, Styling by Karina Kong
Right: Plastic Bags, Source Unknown

Left: Paper Streamers, Image on behalf of Lora Jeans Magazine, Right: Sunset over the water, Source Unknown.
These Images courtesy of Hay 

I have always loved pastel colors, when you add in the intensity of a sunset or an array of sorbets ices like those found in an Italian Gelato Store, you have what we at Studio Marcus Hay call Sherbet Tones. 

You would blind to color if you had not noticed the use of a lot of these colors, particularly in Scandinavian Design Houses such as Hay and Muuto, When I am lucky enough to visit Denmark and Sweden, I am astounded by the use of color, It just sings! 

Many Stylists, Photographers, Interior Designers and Artists use these Sherbet Tones in their work, You can click on the links of the above captions to see more evidence of this on their individual websites

You can see more of my Pinterest folder by clicking HERE.

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