Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Studio Marcus Hay Identity

With Compliments Slips

Stickers for Packages

Business Card, Front & Back

The back of my Letterhead

The front of my letterhead

Examples of Gio Ponti's Tiles

I just dawned on me that I should share my new Stationary for Studio Marcus Hay, I have actually been lucky to have been using it for a few months now, but with all the travel we have been doing as late, I have not had a chance to be in the office to scan it in and to profile. 

I actually commissioned a very talented Designer Diego Marini who owns Skew Eyed Art Direction & Visual Design to come up with the Visual I.D. Diego also owns his own Design business but also works at Diane Von Furstenberg as their Senior art Director. We talked quite extensively about the identity, I wanted something individual, fresh and new. I really liked the way Diego can manipulate typefaces and he came up with a custom typeface to form my logo. 

I actually have two logo's that are formed by the use of the same treatment and one influences the other as they have a common thread. The basic motif is the triangle and Diego explained it as like forming tiles, It is not unlike my favorite Designer and Architect Gio Ponti who co-incidentally is also Italian, as is Diego by birth.

A recent trip to Italy had spurned re-energy in my admiration for Ponti's work who's heyday was the 1950's where he designed many influential Interiors, Buildings and Products. 

Blue has always been my color, so it is no surprise that Deigo picked up on it when he visited my office where I have a very prominent wall painted in the same blue. 

I hope you agree it works very well for me, See it applied everywhere related to Studio Marcus Hay in the future in lot's of exciting ways. 

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