Monday, January 7, 2013

Sydney Style/ Australia

Left: Sydney's famous Opera House, designed by Jorn Utzon
Right: Detail of wall in Sydney's suburb of Paddington, Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Detail of mural painted in Bondi, Right: Detail of chair and pillow at Sydney's
Northern Beaches store and cafe Armchair Collective, Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Detail of lampshades at Sydney's Northern Beaches store and cafe Armchair Collective
Right: Detail of sculpture outside a Paddington Gallery, Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Detail at Australian Photographers Petrina Tinslay of Australian bush flowers
Right: Detail of entrance to the new wing at the MCA in Sydney, designed by Sam Marshall

Left: Boats on Sydney's shoreline park at Rushcutters Bay, Right: Detail of Bougainvillea in Paddington
Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Anish Kapoor's sculpture outside the MCA, Right: Detail of building on Taylor's Square, Oxford St, Sydney
Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Detail of pots and pillows at Sydney's Northern Beaches store and cafe Armchair Collective.
Right: Detail of postcard wall at my sister Kristy's home, Sydney. Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Detail of pink door in Darlinghurst, Right: Palm trees in Kirribilli, Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Detail at Australian Photographers Petrina Tinslay home of a portrait she took of fashion designer Akira Agisowa
Right: Sydney Sunset, Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Detail of chairs at the Sydney Thonet Store, Right: Detail of Frangipanis, found everywhere in Sydney
Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Beach culture is huge, Narrabeen, Right: Old signage, Annandale, Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Wurrungwari sculpture in The Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney, by Artist Chris Booth,
Right: Sydney Christmas Beatles that always come out around the Holidays in Australia.
Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: An Alexander Calder  sculpture outside the Harry Seidler designed building Australia Square
Right: Pots at Sydney's Northern Beaches store and cafe Armchair Collective, Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Detail of Road in Centennial Park, Randwick, Right: Shrimp/ Prawns served on Christmas Day
Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Detail of wreath, Paddington, Right: Street Art in Darlinghurst, Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Detail of St Margarets complex in Surry Hills, Right: Rushcutters Bay Park, Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Utopia Goods Pop Up Store in Ariel Bookstore  Right: Detail of 1960's block in Potts Point
Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Detail of the many VW's in pristine condition you can find in Sydney
Right: Detail the new wing at the MCA in Sydney, designed by Sam Marshall, Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Detail of Mexican crosses in Northern Beaches Store,
Right: Detail of Bean Bags at Mark Tuckey, Newport Beach, Photography: Marcus Hay

Details of caravan painted by Artist David Bromley at furniture store Mark Tuckey, Newport Beach
Photography: Marcus Hay

I have just come back from my vacation in Sydney, My old hometown and even though I have not lived there for nearly a decade, People in the U.S always ask me what is Sydney Style? Having grown up there perhaps inherently it’s part of my make up, That “easy” style that Australians are known for probably does still hold some value in the work I do. Australia is known within the publishing world in the U.S as having some of the best lifestyle magazines in the market such as Donna Hay, Belle, Australian Vogue Living and Inside Out Magazine.

In the U.S, many brand leaders such as West Elm, Williams Sonoma have ex pat Australians at the lead of their Creative side of the business, You can read articles on Vanessa Holden of West Elm and Anna Last of Williams Sonoma here and

Without being accused of blowing Australia’s trumpet too loudly (These days I admit I am just as much a proud Australian as a New Yorker) I think it’s perhaps because it’s still fresh in my mind from my visit, I too with some distance now try and define each time I go back (every couple of years)…What is Sydney Style? When I travel I always try to explore what are the true characteristics of that culture and how do they relate to the Design Industry there, the same now when I visit Australia.

Australia/ Sydney has a unique approach because I think the light plays such a big part; it is brighter and less diffused. Australians also know how to entertain in that way that is uniquely fuss free and casual, this is also reflected in the easy approach to decorating and using hits of color that reflect the intensity and energy that is embraced with everyday life. Australians generally love bold color! Australia is geographically far away, but the thirst for knowledge from the rest of the world is very apparent and reflected in the Food/Media and Retail environments, but it’s also woven in an unassuming manner into an existing landscape of design which is uniquely theirs.

I hope this gives you a general overview of Australian culture and that you enjoy the pictures I took this Dec/ Jan. 

There are also many great blogs/websites now such as which are just a few of the many worth checking out. Many of these websites will give you a further feeling/essence of the essential Aussie approach to lifestyle.

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