Friday, November 18, 2011

CB2 Holiday Cover

Photography: Alec Hemer
Imagine my excitement when I received the latest CB2 Catalog in the mail and there it was a cover I had conceived way back in July. The idea had come to me while on the CB2 Catalog shoot, we had a last day of cover tries and had tried many options that day. I was looking at some of the product from afar and noticed how they kind of resembled small buildings. 

CB2 for the holidays have the cutest little chair decorations, They became the springboard to creating a city, I used chalkboard paint for the surface and background, drew a moon and stars, We wanted to give the feeling it was snowing in the city so we sifted fake snow from above as it rained down upon our city made with wrapped buildings and CB2 product, It was so much fun to create and I am so pleased they picked it for one of the 2012 holiday covers!   

You can see more product and shots at

Photographer Alec Hemer shot this great cover, you can see his other work at

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