Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Inspiring Icons/ Edith Heath

Left: As a younger woman, Edith Heath, Right: A collection of Heath Ceramics in the studio
Silhouettes of Heath Ceramics, Including Salt & Pepper, Vinegar Bottle, Vases, Plates and Pouring Dish

Ceramic tiles produced by Heath Ceramics, Including their House Numbers and Inside their showroom

Left/ Right: Ones of Heath's Outlet's Signage and Showroom, Right: Photography: Corey Walter

More examples of Heath Tiles
More Silhouettes including their mugs, espresso cup and saucer, a vase, teapot, plate and children's set 

Left: Vintage Heath Casserole dishes, Right: In the studio, Including bowls, pitchers and bowls

Left: Heath Pitcher, Right: Edith Heath in the Studio

Left: Atwater Pottery for Heath, A collaboration currently in store only, Right: this season's multi stemmed vase

This seasons Desert bowl in Seasonal colors, Right: Espresso cups and saucers in yellow

Row's of Heath product In store

Heath Ceramics was a company I discovered when I moved to the U.S.A several years ago. It was actually their website I discovered first, purchasing a lot of props for The Real Simple prop cupboard which I managed as part of my job as Style Director. I loved the simplicity of their lines and their chalky matt colors that changed out seasonally. Always a fan of twin tone, the interesting use of contrasting color in say an interior of a bowl captivated me with quirky and unexpected combinations.

Heath Ceramics was founded by Edith Heath (1911-2005) who has had a lasting influence on Californian design through pottery. An Iowa farm girl, raised during the Depression and trained as a teacher, Heath worked as a studio potter in San Francisco until 1947, when a growing demand for her pieces inspired her to establish her own line of products and Heath Ceramics was born in 1948. Her parents were Danish and I think you can see this cultural influence in her work.

Edith was influenced by the art and architecture of the Bauhaus movement, pursuing simple, functional forms, and she collaborated with many of the leading architects and designers of the mid-century modern genre. Edith sadly died in 2005, aged 94, but her studio and pottery line still exist. In 2003, husband-and-wife team Robin Petravic and Catherine Bailey, both ceramic artists themselves, purchased Heath Ceramics in Sausalito, where every product is still made in 2003.

The company has evolved to be ever current and their company identity and branding is always on trend, working in collaboration with other companies and designers to bring ever-revolving collections. Vintage Heath can also be admired and purchased in sections of their stores. On the West Coast, Heath defiantly has a presence and they have a number of stores and outlets that carry the full range and the seasonal offerings as mentioned.  

I love the story of Heath Ceramics and that today they are still going strong, I can’t wait to visit all their locations, I am currently in the West Coast so it strikes even more so a chord, Hope it does you too. 

Many pictures here can be found from Heath Ceramics website, check it out. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Food Network Magazine/ Bread Story

Photography: Con Poulos
Photography: Con Poulos
Photography: Com Poulos
Photography: Con Poulos
Photography: Con Poulos

It's kind of ironic and yawn, I know, gluten free, boring! When I got asked to style the latest Bread Feature for Food Network Magazine however, I had to be super strict with myself...No eating the bread! It was hard, It looked delicious!

I have been gluten free for about 18 months now but I have to admit I occasionally slip up, sometimes, It's not by choice. On some shoots the catering turns up and it's gluten or lettuce! 

The approach was quite simple, Wood on wood. We got to use some lovely artisinal bread boards and surfaces, Many in my personal collection. 

It was great to shoot this story however with the wonderful Con Poulos, who always weaves magic into every food shoot he touches. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Food Network Magazine/ November

Photography: Steve Giralt

Photography: Steve Giralt

Photography: Con Poulos

Photography: Con Poulos

Photography: Con Poulos

Photography: Con Poulos

Photography: Con Poulos

For the November Issue of Food Network Magazine, I was asked to contribute to a number of stories. One of those stories was for celebrity chef Sandra Lee. Studio Marcus Hay travelled to Mount Kisco, NY to her country home she shares with her partner the Governor Andrew Cuomo After clearance with security, Our job for the day was to style her Thanksgiving table for a shoot featuring her new dining room. I knew  after some research that Sandra like her flowers white, Roses seemed to be a particular favorite. Sandra in her house has a very elegant white room that was recently featured on the cover of Elle Decor. We were not allowed to enter that room (white should stay white) but I had seen the pictures it featured certain themes that I picked up on and continued through the tablescape. With the white flowers I mixed in some more seasonal leaves such as eucalyptus and contained them in bronze colored mercury glass vessels in various sizes. I fashioned handmade name tags with a acorn stamp, ribbon and dried leaves. Sandra loved the table and even kept some of the votives I sourced from West Elm for her actual Thanksgiving held this month.

The Sandra Lee story was shot with Steve Giralt

For The Weekend Meals section of he magazine, A section I have styled many times with Photographer Con Poulos, we took again a darker approach with the palette to reflect the season, I always enjoy doing these shots as we are able to evoke a different mood for 4 different meal options, this time the meals were A Bistro Brunch, A Southern Chicken Supper, A Vietnamese Lunch and A Rustic Italian Dinner.

I have another story on Bread to follow, Stay tuned. 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fall-ing in Love/ Studio MH on the road

Left: Fallen Apples, Right: Mini Magic, Photography: Marcus Hay
Studio Marcus Hay, Mykl, Marcus and Molly, Photography: Linda Lezius

Left: Love the contrast between the blue and green, Chair in the yard, Right: Leaves turning
Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Wood stacked in the shed, Right: Crisp white tousled sheets, Photography: Marcus Hay

Above: Mykl and Marcus surveying apples, Photography: Linda Lezius
Left: Wooden stairs, Right: Flowers from the Garden, Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Woodland mushroom, Right: Fallen sign along the road, Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Vines around a shed doorway, Right: The morning light with DWR stool, Photography: Marcus Hay  
Left: DWR Danish Chair with lambswool throw, Right: Detail of Wood, Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: Detail of shed, Right: Details of apples on tree with early morning rain, Photography: Marcus Hay

Left: On the road again, Photography: Marcus Hay
Right: Marcus in a Fall kind mood, Photography: Mykl Cummins

Sometimes you can be really lucky to be part of a Photographic team and travel to some really great locations. When you work with Design Within Reach, You always know the locations are going to be extra special. 3 Hours out of Manhattan in Upstate NY, We visited a location for a few days in Hudson/ Rhine beck. Studio Marcus Hay joined the DWR team to create some magic.

Due to keeping the location a surprise when the Catalog comes out in January, 2013, I am not going to show you pics of the house, but in details I can show you that without a doubt, Fall is here and becoming more beautiful every day, The turning of the leaves is something you never quite get the full grasp of when you are in the city, Real Apples on real trees glistening in the morning rain, piles of chopped wood, An old shed that is covered in vines turning a beautiful red color, life seems fresh and so natural. In sweaters and rain boots I trudged 100 times a day back and both from our prop tables set up in the shed to the house but I never got sick of seeing geese flying in the air, leaves raining off trees and the sound of a trickling stream by the house. 

Fall is in the air and for many so inspiring and a favorite time of the year, In the country you would have to be crazy not to want to stop and admire nature at it's finest time of year. 

Thanks to my great team Mykl Cummins, Molly Hartman and "our Linda" Linda Lezius, our Intern from Berlin, Germany who has become a much loved member of our team and took some of the pics here.