Friday, July 27, 2012

Italian's Do it better!/ Italy in detail

Left: Details of Basilica di Santa Maria Della Salute, Venice, Photography: Marcus Hay
Left: Light and Shadows on a wall in Florence, Right: Detail of the Floor in the Duomo di Siena
Photography: Marcus Hay
Left & Right: Details of the columns and floor in the Duomo di Siena, Photography: Marcus Hay
Left: Detail of wall in the Duomo di Siena, Right: Protruding bricked wall in Milan, Photography: Marcus Hay
Left & Right: Details in Milan Central Station, Photography: Marcus Hay
Left: Detail of the doors at Firenze Santa Maria Novella Train Station, Right: Clock and mural at the Station
Photography: Marcus Hay
Left: Detail of the marble floors at Firenze Santa Maria Novella Train Station, Right: Doors at the Station
Photography: Marcus Hay
Left and Right: Details of the marble floor and the front doors of The Hotel de la Ville in Florence
Photography: Marcus Hay
Left and Right: Details of the exterior of The Hotel de la Ville in Florence, Photography: Marcus Hay 
Left: Wallpaper in the bar at The Savoy Hotel in Florence, Right: Street Scene in Vicenza
Photography: Marcus Hay
Left: Doorbells in Venice, Right: G Boutique Hotel in Vicenza, Photography: Marcus Hay

There is just something about Italy! It would explain the million’s of tourists I near collided with over 5 cities in 7 days. Revisiting some cities I have been to many times and exploring some new ones, I hit the streets, the basilicas, duomos and hotels with my camera and tried to capture in details what I love the most and where you can find like no other that magic that only Italy has to offer. In my travels this time I went to Vicenza, Venice, Florence, Siena and Milan.

Each time I go to Italy I find new empowered senses or new details that seem to spring up that perhaps I did not see before as a younger self, This trip I was particularly obsessed with the renowned marble used in Italian buildings in particular. Either tumbled, honed or polished, marble is such a beautiful material. While most people would think of marble as white, the range colors that can be found are incredible and often unexpected. Grey’s, Greens, Brown’s, Gold’s, Peach, Red’s, Black’s and Coral are but some. Marble technically is a non-foliated metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite. Geologists use the term "marble" to refer to metamorphosed limestone; however stonemasons use the term more broadly to encompass unmetamorphosed limestone. 

In many of the striking train stations in Italy, marble is used in abundance The Central Station in Milan is monumental and was conceived that way by Mussolini and in 1931 it opened with the idea of projecting the power of his Fascist regime. The station has no definite architectural style, but is a blend of many different styles, especially Liberty and Art Deco, but not limited to those. It is adorned with numerous powerful looking sculptures and murals. Florence's main train station Firenze Santa Maria Novella Station was designed in 1932 by a group of architects known as the Gruppo Toscano. The building is one of the key works of Italian Modernism strongly influenced by the Viennese architecture of Adlolf Loos and Josef Hoffman, with perhaps a nod to Frank Lloyd Wright, I love both stations for their majestic grandeur and sense of style when traveling was actually much more glamourous. 

Even though the marble seemed to dazzle my senses, I also was struck by the Italian light and the summer sun that caresses but does not seem to burn you! The best thing about Italy though really is the food, the flavors melting in your mouth, bringing memories of childhood when things tasted like they were supposed too before the introduction of tasteless hormones over riding our food.    

Pictured above are once again snippets or details of what I saw, I hope you enjoy as much as I did. Viva Italia!  

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Art & Toys/ Berlin

Cover of the Program and Portrait of Selim Varol
Photography: Marcus Hay
Photography: Marcus Hay
Photography: Marcus Hay
Photography: Marcus Hay
Photography: Marcus Hay
Photography: Marcus Hay
Photography: Marcus Hay
Photography: Marcus Hay
Photography: Marcus Hay
Picture of Gallery Space

I recently got back from another yearly adventure in Berlin. As usual I was struck with the raw energy and ideas in abundance that engulfed me. On the streets, in the galleries and in the stores, new exciting product and art seemed endless. One exhibition I saw was Art & Toys. Having been a fan and a much smaller collector of collectible toys, this exhibition blew me away! Two levels of the most fantastical collection of toys and artwork. Collected in themes and sometimes within a body of a particular artist, it made realize the relevance and power these supposedly simple childlike (but not so childlike) toys had. There is and has been a movement that revolves around the clever designs of collectible toys for some time, this exhibition seemed to encompass all of this and more, It was way beyond what I see at my local Urban Outfitters Store.  
me Collectors Room Berlin have one of the largest collections of figurines/toys and street art in Europe, if not the world – collected over the last 20 and more years by Selim Varol.The exhibition is incredibly large and it includes a total of 3,000 works by more than 200 artists and designers from over 20 countries. Works from KAWSShepard FaireyBanksyFuturaJose Parla and tons are on display. 
Selim Varol, known amongst the toy collectors community as the owner of Toykio in Düsseldorf. He is also a huge art collector and has been supporting contemporary artists from around the world in building a huge collection. He is also, of course, a huge fan and collector of vinyl toys. The exhibition brings together the two elements of Art and Toys.
I really love the curation of this exhibition, The way it was laid out, The different rooms, The viewing chairs and seating areas, Most of all as a fellow collector of objects I was just gob smacked by the sheer volume of this collection and I thought I had a lots of vases!  
If in Berlin, Try and see this amazing exhibition, It is on till the 16th of September

Friday, July 20, 2012

Bloomingdales/ Party Party!

Wine Tasting, Photography: David Prince
Photography: David Prince
Dressed Up Take Out, Photography: David Prince
Photography: David Prince
Photography: David Prince
Fall Feast, Photography: David Prince
Photography: David Prince
High Tea, Photography: David Prince
Photography: David Prince
Game Day Gathering, Photography: David Prince
On a recent job for Department Store Bloomingdales, I got to work on a project for them online. The project was based on tables capes for Party Essentials and can be seen here at the Bloomingdales website. Shot with the very talented Photographer David Prince with food styled by Jamie Kimm I had to create 5 different parties: Wine Tasting, Dressed Up Takeout, Fall Feast, High Tea and Game Day Gathering. All had very different personalities and required very different types of props and approaches.

Using mostly product available at Bloomingdales, It took many days of planning consulting with Buyers and Managers within the organization before we even got to the shoot day. The idea was also to show decorating ideas, tips and recipes that Bloomingdale shoppers could use when creating their own versions of these parties. 

Shot all in one day, It was a big day but lot's of fun, Thanks also to my wonderful Assistants Andrea Greco and Mykl Cummins who always are a big part of organizing and crafting the many layers that are involved with producing a shoot this size. 

Hope it inspires you all to Party Hardy this season! 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A trip down memory lane/ Inside Out Magazine

Covers Produced by Marcus Hay, From Left: Photography by Prue Ruscoe, Con Poulos, John Paul Urizar

Not my cover, Spread shot by Con Poulos, Produced by Marcus Hay
Nautical Trends Story

Not my cover, Spread shot by Elsa Hutton
Interior Spread on Julie Paterson's Apartment, Bondi
Cover and Spread shot by Tim Robinson, Produced by Marcus Hay
Red and Grey Trend Story
Not my cover, Inside Spread shot by Jonny Valiant, Produced by Marcus Hay
Budget Decorating Story
Cover shot by Prue Ruscoe, Produced by Marcus Hay
Inside Spread shot by Tim Robinson, Produced by Marcus Hay
Yellow Trend Story
Cover shot by John Paul Urizar, Produced by Marcus Hay
Inside spread shot by Time Robinson, Produced by Marcus Hay
Australian Made Story
Cover not mine, Inside spread shot by Tim Robinson, Produced by Marcus Hay
Black & White Decorating Story
When I started Styling for a living over a decade ago, It was Inside Out Magazine who picked me up as a regular Contributor, It is a relationship that I have happily kept up over the years, even contributing to the current issue on a story on Justin Dorset. Inside Out was a great place to start, As a Stylist and Creative Director, they really gave me free rein to present stories and run with them. For many years I would contribute to at least 2/3 stories an issue and often even the covers, From memory, I think I Produced and Styled over 10 covers for them over the years.

Today the magazine is still going strong, Recently they have started a Tumblr page devoted to celebrating 100 issues before the 100th issue and it features many old back issues of Inside Out, some featuring my work, You can check it out at

It is so nice to revisit some of these covers and pages, I remember all of them so fondly, They were all great projects to work on. Oh the stories behind them! Hope you enjoy!