Saturday, October 30, 2010

Apartment Feature/ Original Images

The problem with scanning in from magazines as some of you might know is that the quality is not always that great, maybe its time for me to upgrade to a better quality scanner but I always find the at the original images from the Photographers is always the best. That is why I am supplying the edit of my previous post from the Photographers website directly. If you check out You will see them in amongst a whole selection of gorgeous interior shots by Mr Valiant, but for a quick glance, Here they are in all their glory. For many who check out my blog regularly, you will have already seen many of these shots previewed here in a variety of stories. This will probably be my last post on this particular apartment, I hope you enjoy them with some more clarity and with the vision of the Photographer in mind.

Apartment Feature/ AD Russia, HK Home Journal

It’s amazing where some stories end up that I style for shoots. This time my old apartment ended up in AD Russia and also in Home Journal, a Hong Kong based magazine. It’s quite a compliment that the way I live at home appeals to lot’s of different cultures/ countries around the world. It’s also interesting to see the different approaches to the layout and what pictures get used in one layout compared to the next. In the HK Home Journal, my dining space even appeared on their cover for that month!

For me it’s a little strange, I have not lived in that apartment for 18 months, so to see it is a little trip down memory lane. Of course I still have a lot of the same things but then I notice my taste or my combination of objects has shifted a little since then and a lot of these items featured in this story are now in my prop storage. When I moved into my new space, I tried to divide my workspace and home space as much as I could and because my new space is smaller, I had to edit. When you are a Stylist there is always new stuff so life seems to be about a constant edit!

These stories were shot by the amazing Jonny Valiant,

Friday, October 29, 2010

Target, Bathroom In Store Merchandising

In another installment of Target, shot in the same period as my previous posting we also shot bathroom for the In Store Merchandising, This time we tackled the bathroom, Lot’s of stacks of towels!, These are harder than you think to make look perfect, lot’s of padding, pinning and "fluffing" are required.

These images were also shot by Jonny Miller

Monday, October 25, 2010

Target, Fall In Store Merchandising

It's only when I come to the Mid West that I ever see my work I do for Target and that's because in Manhattan we don't have one.... yet! : ) Sure a new Target has opened in Harlem, but when you live in a neighbourhood in New York, if you are actually even there, you don' really venture that far. Without sounding melodramatic, In New York you don't get much spare time and if you get any, you can find yourself either hibernating (or sleeping) at any minute opportunity. At least my life in a Stylist in NYC is just that, I am afraid it's mostly all work, no play but I won't complain, at least I love what I do!

Currently on a Target job in Minneapolis and sourcing for that job in store I stumbled in the pillow/cushion aisle some ISM's (In Store Merchandising) some work I did for them earlier this year in May. It was for Fall, hence now. It's always so great to see it in the light it was intended for and who anyway doesn't love shopping in Target, especially as a Manhattan-ite when starved for one! 

At first I thought I was going to have to excuse myself for the bad photography, that signage is up high and balancing on one foot, camera high in the sky, I tried to capture this series quite unsuccessfully but later on after checking out the very talented Photographer Jonny Miller's website / I discovered the images with much for clarity, Hope you enjoy!

Fall/ Autumn is always such a great time in the States, the colors in this series are largely inspired by the season, but for now it's not about Fall anymore, as a Stylist you are always living 2 seasons ahead, Right now it's all about shooting Spring and while there maybe not a lot of time to smell the roses, there is certainly a Spring fever in the air! Summer is just around the corner. 

Thanks also to Venina Tandela, for such great Art Direction.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ah Copenhagen, What a town!

It was my first time to Denmark, actually I lie, my second. I had emailed my mother while there saying how much at home I weirdly felt there and how familiar it felt, she told me I has already been there as a baby and she and I had walked the streets and gardens before! Spooky! Copenhagen is a truly beautiful small but rich city, rich in so many ways. Like many a Stylist, I have a love of Danish design so for me it truly was like being a kid in a candy store. As you may have noticed my blog entries have been to a minimum lately, but I am glad to say I have so much to write about, particularly Denmark and Germany to follow..stay with me!   

Thanks to the super talented photographer Ditte Isager who is incidentally Danish and owns one of the cutest apartments in Copenhagen (of which I had seen pictures previously), I had a list long of places to visit and visit them we did. One of the areas where Ditte’s apartment is actually located is an area called Christianshavn.

Christianshavn is an artificial island neighborhood; it was founded in the early 17th century by Christian IV as part of his extension of the fortifications of Copenhagen. Originally it was laid out as an independent privileged merchant's town with inspiration from Dutch cities but it was soon incorporated into Copenhagen proper. Dominated by canals, it is the part of Copenhagen with the most nautical atmosphere and who doesn’t love a bit of nautical! The thing that struck me predominantly was the color palette of that particular area in the buildings that lined the streets, so many slightly dusty tones of saffron yellow, tomato red, dutch blue, powder grays, sorbet greens and all with just the right amount of patina, You could not have asked for a more perfect combination of colors, I was so inspired by the combinations. I also I loved the strangely out of place Eiffel bar, straight out of a 1950’s postcard and Christian's Church, a magnificent Rococo church, with its interior having a crisp icy feel paired with a dash of gold trimming.

Christianshavn developed a bohemian reputation in the 1970s and it is now a fashionable, diverse and lively part of the city with its own distinctive personality, However nearby "Freetown" Christiania, is another world, Half expecting a Danish Janis Joplin or Jimi Hendrix to pop their head around a corner, The area is seen as an independent community in an area of abandoned military, barracks, It seems to appear as a "city within the city". An old hippy town that has seen better days, A little scary really, I hopped back to the magical world of Christianshavn in a flash, It’s much more my cup of weed! Thanks Ditte for the introduction, I am indebted!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Apartment Feature/ Elle Decoration

One of my favorite magazines in the world would have to be the UK edition of Elle Decoration, for years I have bought nearly every issue. Of course like many magazines it has gone through a variety of Editors and Layouts, but for me it has always stayed true to its core, It’s always inspirational, always a touch quirky in that English kinda way. I often use it for research for projects and while I currently have my set split between 2 countries, I long for the day when I can marry them together in one bookshelf!

Of course I was delighted when I got the call from Emma Love, a writer for the magazine to say they wanted to feature my place in the “At home with.” section of the magazine. Photographer Hallie Burton, had shot my place months before and while Australian magazine “Real Living” had featured this shoot also in a recent issue, they had not used all the shots so it is great to see some previous discarded shots used in a very different style of layout, they also featured a new portrait of me.

This feature is in the November issue of Elle Decoration, just out of newsstands. 

Crate and Barrel/ Best Buys, Fall

This last Summer I spent three weeks in Chicago for Crate and Barrel. It was not the first time to Chicago for work; I had spent some time there in the past, a couple of quick trips but nothing substantial. As a Freelance Stylist you are called upon to travel all over the country and in this instance it was great as much as I missed my home in New York to explore a city marveled for it's architecture and Mid Western grittiness! Of course on these long jobs it can seem like all you see is the photo studio and the hotel room, but because I had weekends to prop for the coming weeks shots, I managed to get out into some interesting neighborhoods, of which there are plenty in Chicago. I also particularly liked trawling the Antique malls, always a must in a new town.

The Crate & Barrel project was for Fall "Best Buys", a small catalogue that comes out seasonally. Half was shot in the studio and half on locations, 2 hours out of the city. The images you see here illustrate some of the studio pictures. As you can see the dining room shot is entirely made up of a set. Researching components of the set is part of my job; I work closely with the in house set building team to create rooms from scratch. Working with pieces of existing architecture like windows and molding, we piece together a set using these an pre fabricated walls that are housed in the Crate & Barrel studio in Chicago. Part of my job as a Stylist is to add those “layers” that are not always obvious. When creating a set, even the hardware on the doors must look real, hinges, everything! Using the client’s product as the focal is necessary but also weaving in other elements such as flowers and other props gives that sense of “reality”

With the flowers, these must be sourced to give the right look to each set up, I often start at the Flowers Markets and take as many snaps as possible of anything that I might find suitable. Running them past the Art Director, these snaps shown here alongside the final image are approved foliage.

With the storage shelve shots, I set up the look for the props to the side of the location of the shot and often work on getting it just right, this can take time and means going back and forth while also working on multiple set ups, Of course the idea you have for propping can change once you look at it under the camera, luckily my instincts were right this time, My set ups stayed pretty much the same as the finished shot!

My Art Director Judith Scharli, who was amazing to work with, kept saying “It takes an army…” and it could not be more true, The team behind all these shots is enormous, There are Set Builders, Riggers, People to carry furniture on and off trucks and onto the set, also often building the furniture on the spot, Producers, Digital operators, Location Scouts, Assistants galore and yet from my point of view there still never seems to be enough! ; ) And of course..not to forget mentioning the Photography team, These final catalogue shots where photographed by the very talented Shaun Sullivan I should also mention there was also 2 teams involved in producing this one Best Buys catalogue. 

Unfortunately I cant take credit for the covers, This was shot separately by the other team. Check out more at 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

On Vacation, More Fluff soon!

I know it's been awhile between drinks and don't worry I am getting thirsty. The last month has been a whirlwind of travel but I will be back soon with lot's more adventures to share. Thanks, M.